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Minera Voluntary Aided Primary School

Activity 1- How big is your problem?

How big is your problem?

Sometimes our problems can seem a little bigger than they actually are. Have you ever felt like that? When something is worrying us and we're feeling a little more anxious than normal any problem can feel bigger than it actually is. When this happens, stop, try a breathing exercise and then look at where your problem fits on the ladder above. How big is your problem really and what help do you need?
When you encounter a problem this week, have a look how big of a problem it is and what level of help you need. Can you do something to sort it out or do you need help from someone? We all experience things differently and that's okay, create your own problem ladder this week and add problems to it as you meet them. Think carefully about where on the ladder they will go and what level of help you need.