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Minera Voluntary Aided Primary School

Activity 1- The colour of my emotions

Think about the different emotions we feel. Talk about what makes us feel those emotions. Remember all emotions are okay.

If you had to give an emotion a colour, what colour would it be? Think about how you could show this? Here is an example of a bubble picture showing the different colours of my emotions. You might think of the emotions as different colours and that’s okay, it’s how you see the emotion.

How are you going to show your work?

My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss

Listen to the story. Are our emotions always the same on the inside as what others may see on the outside?

Try box breathing with this short animation

Complete this activity with some box breathing. Use this whenever you or your child need to take a minute out.
Animation: Luke Tribe Music: Mind Surfing by Barrie Gledden First, empty your lungs of air. Then breathe in time with the animation to start box breathing. F...