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Minera Voluntary Aided Primary School

Activity 1- Creating your own toolbox

Create your own toolbox.

This week you are going to create your own toolbox of strategies you can use to help you when you're feelings get too much.

Think about everything we have learnt so far and which strategies you found helped you.


Let's remind ourselves what we have learnt so far:

Breathing techniques- Rainbow breathing, hand breathing, nose breathing, 

Meditation- see the meditation section also, grounding, tension release

Mindfulness- emotions jar, mindful eating, 

Affirmations- Team family

5 ways to well-being- put this as a list in your toolbox and regularly pick out new activities to do.


Take your time to make this, as you will want it to last a long time. When you have finished visit your toolbox any time you need to.Ask a grown up to join you for an activity if this will help. Remember we're team family in this, all emotions are okay and we can work through them together.