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Activity 2- Everybody worries sometimes

Everybody worries about something. It's okay to feel worried sometimes, we just need to make sure our worry doesn't grow too big. Read some of the children's worries below. What would you say to them to reassure them?

Harry worries that there's a monster under the bed.

Harry worries that there might be something under the bed. Normally he would check, but when it's dark he gets too scared to check or get out of bed to tell his grown ups. He has trouble getting to sleep sometimes because he's thinking about it.

What would you say to Harry?

Sid worries he will have no friends to play with at school.

Sid is starting at a new school. He is worried that he won't have any friends to play with at break times. What could he do?

Little Mouse's Big Book of Fears by Emily Gravett

Watch the video link to read the book, it has lots of examples of things people worry about.

Can you draw a picture a picture to show what you are worried about? If it was someone else what would you say to them to make them feel better? Now be kind to yourself and say the same things to yourself. Write them on your picture so you don't forget them.Perhaps your grown up would like to join in with this activity too. What were they worried about when they were younger?


In this video, strengthen your superpowers of focus and calm by taking slow deep breaths as you trace the outline of your hand with your pointer finger. Try ...