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Activity 2- The big hill

The big hill

Emotions can sometimes feel like like this hill. When you're at the top your feelings are really strong. If you are having feelings that don't make you feel good, take a moment to remind yourself that feelings don't last forever and you will soon be coming down the other side of the hill and be calm again. Try hand breathing to help you.

Hand breathing- Today you can create your own hand breathing prompt to remind you to breath in up the fingers, hold 1, 2, and then breath out and go down the finger, repeat for each finger. You can use paint on your hands or draw your own picture.

Create your own worry jar

Fill a jar with water, add glitter glue or glitter and glue. Shake and watch the glitter swirl and settle.

Watching the cloud of glitter spiral around can be a little like our feelings sometimes they all get a little too much and everything seems cloudy. But if we stop, take notice and breathe, everything will settle down soon. Use your worry jar when your feelings are getting too much and focus on the glitter and your breathing.