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Minera Voluntary Aided Primary School

School closes today (Friday 27th May) for half term and re-opens on Monday 6th June

Collection of Children Procedures

I am writing to remind everyone about our collection of children procedures. We aim to ensure that all children leave the school site safely and with the appropriate adult. I hope you find the following information about the new procedures useful.


End of Day Collection

Parent/Carer Responsibilities:

  • Parents/carers must complete an online ‘Authorised Adults Child Collection’ form’ in which you state the names of appropriate adults that you wish to collect your child at the end of the day. Link for form: Authorised Adults Child Collection Form

*Please note we will not release your child to anyone who you have not authorised to collect*

  • The onus is on parents/carers to inform the school if any other adult will be collecting their child. This may be a one-off event or on a more regular basis. All staff must be aware which adults will be delivering and collecting children. Any changes must be supported by letter from the parent/carer.
  • In an emergency, parents/carers may phone the school and staff will complete a collection form for the child and pass this to the class teacher.
  • Duty staff will wait with children until the expected adult arrives until 3:10pm for Foundation Phase or 3:25pm for Key Stage 2.
  • Parents must take responsibility for their children when allowing them to walk home, i.e. planning and discussing the safest route for the child to take when walking home.


School Responsibilities:

  • The collection form will be kept in the appropriate class. The class teacher must inform all practitioners of these arrangements.
  • At the end of the school day, class teachers must ensure that the children leave safely. All Foundation Phase children are not allowed to leave the school grounds until they are collected by the parent/carer or nominated adult.
  • Children staying for after school clubs will be dismissed to the parent by the adult running the club. Staff will only dismiss children to nominated adults.
  • Collection during the school day must be via the main entrance only by prior arrangement.


Late Collection of Children:

The school staff are responsible for the children during school opening hours. They have other commitments once their teaching day has finished.

If the parent/carer has an emergency whereby they are unable to collect their child at the end of the school day, the school must be informed immediately by telephoning the school office on 01978 269500. If a parent/carer is incapacitated (e.g. serious illness, car accident, etc) we accept that you may be unable to inform the school of the situation immediately.

If a child is not collected from school by 3:10pm (Foundation Phase) or 3:25pm (Key Stage 2) the procedure will be:

  1. We will check for any information about changes to the normal collection routines.
  2. Child/Children will be placed in After School Club. (Parents will be charged)
  3. If no information is available, attempts to contact the parents/carers will be made at home/work/mobile phone.
  4. If this is unsuccessful, the adults that are authorised by the parents to collect their child from the setting, and whose telephone numbers are recorded on the registration form, will be contacted.
  5. All reasonable attempts will be made to contact the parents or nominated carers.
  6. The child will not leave the premises with anyone other than those named on the registration form and/or with written permission from the parents/carers.
  7. If no-one collects the child by staff home time (Monday to Friday – 5:00pm) and there is no-one who can be contacted to collect the child, we will apply the procedure for uncollected children, as set out below.


Uncollected Children

We have been advised by the Local Authority that if there is no response from your emergency contacts, then the school must report the situation to Social Services, who will decide on the best course of action.


If you have any questions concerning these arrangements, please contact school. In the meantime, please could you complete the online form which states who is collecting their child and return to school as soon as possible.


Thank you in advance for your co-operation with this important matter.


Spencer Williams