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Minera Voluntary Aided Primary School


Welcome to our Governors Section

Governors of Church Aided Schools have always had more responsibilities than their counterparts in other county sectors but since the Education Reform Act (1988), Parliament has given even more responsibility to school governing bodies and a range of powers to carry out those duties.  Minera Aided Primary School is the Parish school, not just the village school.  It is, therefore, entitled to draw pupils from anywhere in the Parish but is not obliged to admit a child who does not satisfy some or all of the criteria set out in the Admissions Policy.  The Governors have the authority to make decisions on admissions.


The role of the governing body of Minera School is a partnership between Governors and the Headteacher.

Governors are like a Board of Directors and make decisions about how the School is run.

Governors are appointed to help the Headteacher and Staff of the School to: -

  • Decide what is taught
  • Set standards of behaviour
  • Interview and select staff
  • Decide how the School budget is spent.


School Governors have legal duties, powers and responsibilities.  They can only act together as a Governing Body.  They cannot act individually. There are 13 Governors who each serve for 4 years. 


The categories of Governor are: -

  • Foundation Governors who are representatives of the Church appointed by St. Asaph Diocesan Education Foundation.
  • Teaching staff at the School
  • Local Council representatives
  • Community representatives, businessmen and women.
  • School staff, other than teaching staff
  • Parents

Parent Governors bring the view of parents to the Governing Body, but they speak and act as individuals, not as delegates or mouthpieces of the parents.  They do not vote for all parents in general.  They have equal status in the work of the Governing Body.




Term of Office

Rev James Harris

Foundation Governor

18/04/14 - 17/04/18

Angela Hughes

Vice Chair
Foundation Governor

28/04/16 - 27/04/20

Zena Bonnamy-Clarke

Foundation Governor

23/10/14 - 22/10/18

Rebecca Sparey-Taylor

Foundation Governor

23/10/14 - 22/10/18

Rob Williams

Foundation Governor

19/09/13 - 18/09/17

Lisa Brook

Foundation Governor

23/10/14 - 22/10/18

Lindy Ellis

Foundation Governor

28/04/16 - 27/04/20


Foundation Governor


Jayne Edmonds

Teacher Governor

12/04/15 – 11/04/19

Claire Harris

Staff Governor

18/10/13 - 17/10/17

Marie Owen

Parent Governor

08/02/16 - 07/02/20

Cllr John Savin

Community Governor

22/06/14 -23/06/18

Spencer Williams


1/9/16 -

Timothy Burke

Clerk to Governing Body


The Annual Report of the Governing Body to Parents