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Minera Voluntary Aided Primary School

Learning Powers


At Minera V.A. school, teaching children how to be effective learners is an important part of their educational journey with us. We support children with this by using characters to represent different learning powers. 

We have worked with local artist Manon Edwards, as part of a 'Creative Futures' project, to design characters for each of the learning powers. These are referred to throughout lessons and children are encouraged to reflect on themselves as learners and how they can improve.

We hope that you will enjoy reinforcing the learning powers at home with your child too.

Ellie the imagination elephant

Use your imagination, be creative and play.

Don't give up pup!

Persevere, keep trying even though it’s a challenge. Nothing worth doing is easy, enjoy growing your brain and think how can I do this? What do I need to help me? Do you need more Practise? Time? Effort? Input?

Gethin the have a go gazelle

Always be willing to have a go. Try your best, that’s all anyone can ask!

Cora the cooperative crocodile

Work together! Together we are stronger and can achieve anything we put our minds to.

Christopher the curious cat

Ask questions, explore and make discoveries.