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Minera Voluntary Aided Primary School

Pupil Deprivation Grant

Minera VA School  Pupil Deprivation Grant Statement 2019/20


The purpose of the Pupil Deprivation Grant is to improve the educational attainment of pupils from low income families and who are entitled to free school meals (eFSM). Schools are expected to maximise the use of this funding by introducing sustainable strategies which will quickly lead to improved outcomes for pupils entitled to free school meals.


In 2019-20, Minera VA School has been allocated a total Pupil Deprivation Grant of £8300. We have  a comprehensive plan, agreed and monitored by GwE and Wrexham  Local Authority, to promote high expectations attainment and progress and to remove barriers to learning for pupils entitled to this funding.


We have used the funding available to:


1. Staffing costs to run intervention programmes throughout the school:

  • Daily reading
  • Work on IEP targets
  • Literacy interventions
  • Numeracy Interventions
  • Fun Friends

2. Funding for music lessons to enable FSM pupils to take part in music lessons.

3. Contribution towards the cost for training and development of staff to support and challenge pupils, including those FSM pupils.

4. Assess pupil wellbeing and readiness for learning through the PASS (pupils attitude to self and school) assessment start and end of year.