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Read, Write Inc.

At Minera V.A. School we teach phonics through RWI (Read, Write, Inc). For more information please visit the link below and watch the RWI presentation for parents. Children will start RWI Set 1 sounds after Easter when they are in nursery. Until this time nursery children will be engaging in sound play through phase 1 phonics. 


Nursery Parents' video Read, Write, Inc. 18.05.20

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Please watch this video to support your child with their sounds. It is really important to watch this, especially the pure sounds.

What will I need to do at home?

It is really important for your child to continue with RWI every day to continue to make progress. If you have any questions please send Mrs. Titchen a message.


If your child is in nursery I will set weekly activities for you to do with your child based on phase 1 phonics. 
Summer term week 5’s activity

Watch the video presentation by Mrs. Titchen about RWI. This will prepare you for the phonics sessions which will be starting.
Summer term week 4’s activity

Print the rhyming word sheets from seesaw. Can you post the pairs to Metal Mike?
Summer term week 3’s activity

At school we have a robot called, Metal Mike, he helps us with our rhyming words and finding sounds. Can you make your own Metal Mike at home? We will need him for next week’s activities.

Summer term Week 2

Can you find the rhyme? Look on seesaw activities to see if you can find the rhymes.

Week 2 activity.

What’s in the bag?

Choose some objects that you tapped out the syllables for last week. Hide them in a bag. Let your child choose an object from the bag. Tap out the syllables in the word and count the syllables. A good tip if your child is struggling to identify the number of syllables is to get them to put their hand under their chin, say the word and count how many times their jaw hit their hand.


Week 1 activity.

Syllables- Clap out the syllables in your names. Find objects from around the house e.g. farm animals, food etc. and clap out the syllables. 



Reception children have completed RWI set 1 and will need to revisit these everyday whilst a new sound from set 2 is introduced on the video link below.

Tricky words (Reception only)

It is important to teach tricky words, words which cannot be sounded out. Watch the videos below. When your child knows all of the tricky words in the video move onto the next one. I have also included red words (tricky words) and a bingo game in your child's home pack. Use these as flash cards throughout the day for short sharp learning bursts. 

Ideas for teaching tricky words.

Multi-sensory learning and physical movement works best for children. This means using more than one sense to learn something new, such as touch, moving their bodies or singing. Children also love to learn through playing games.


Each week I will be posting a new idea for a game/activity to help practise the tricky words, as doing the same thing can really disengage children. Watch out for the updates!


Summer term week 8’s activity.

Blow up a variety of balloons. Write your tricky words on the balloons. Have fun throwing them to each other and saying the words.

Summer term week 7’s activity.

Make a plate of spaghetti using wool or string. Cut circles out of paper for the meatballs. Write on the meatballs your tricky words to practise, on one meatball draw a cross. Turn the meatballs upside down on the spaghetti. Using either tongs or tweezers take it in turns with your child to pick out a meatball word. You can keep the word if you can read it. The game is over when someone gets the cross, the other person wins at this point.


Summer term week 6’s activity.

Write your tricky words on pieces of paper and hide them around the garden. Time your child finding the tricky words. When they have found them they can peg them on the line and then read them. Can they beat their time each day?

Summer term week 5’s activity.

Make your own tic tac toe game with your tricky words.

Summer term week 4’s activity. Pairs

Write the tricky words on pieces of paper, card or leaves, twice. Turn the all over and see if you can find the matching pair. The person with the most pairs wins.

Summer term week 3’s activity. Bingo

Make your own bingo game with things from the garden, stones and leaves etc. Remember to choose new tricky words from the list below if you are ready for them.

Summer term week 2’s activity. Play dough 

Can you build your tricky words using play dough this week?

Summer term week 1’s activity. Water fun

You will need:


Water pistol or medicine syringe 

With the chalk, write the tricky words on either the floor outside or the wall. 

Shout out a word and then your child needs to shoot the word with either the water pistol or medicine syringe. 

Be careful they don’t turn on you though!


Spring Week 2’s activity.

Ghost game

On a card the same size as the red word sent home in your home packs, ask your child to draw a picture of a ghost.

Put the red cards and the ghost card in a bag.

Take it in turns to pick out a card and read the word. 
When the ghost card is pulled out, that person says, ‘boo’ and they win the game.


Spring Week 1's activity.

Play a family game.

You can make learning tricky words fun through bingo games or using the flash cards whilst playing a normal game you will already have in your cupboards at home. Some ideas are: 'Crocodile dentist,' 'Monkey business' or 'Pie Face' depending on how many you spin, you have to read that number of flash cards before taking your turn. 


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