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Weekly challenges

15.06.20 Week 8 Summer Term

08.06.20 Summer Term week 7

01.06.20 Summer term week 6

Summer Term Week 5’s challenge

Summer Term Week 4’s challenge.

Summer term week 3’s activity

Ready to celebrate VE Day, can you organise a teddy bear’ picnic. Can you make VE Day decorations etc. ? Post a picture on Twitter of your celebrations.

Every week your child will receive a challenge. This will be either via our seesaw app or our class page on our school website. You will be notified by text when there is a new challenge for your child to complete.


Below are whole class challenges, feel free to share what you are up to on our twitter page we would love to see what you are all doing.


Summer term Week 2’s challenge
Can you reduce plastic use in one room of your house?

Summer term Week 1’s challenge

We’re now in week 4 of lockdown and we’re living in a period of time which will become a history lesson in the future. I would like to challenge you as a family to either make a time capsule or a diary. You may have your own ideas about how you would like to capture this period of time. What will you put in to remember this time by? Remember to post your challenges on seesaw.

Week 2 challenge

Being thankful.

1) What are you most thankful for? 
2) Ask your family what they are thankful for (This can include extended family, give them a call I’m sure they would love to hear from you.)

3) What was it that most people were thankful for?

4) Think of a way to show me what you have found out. Some ideas include: Thank you for... window display, create a slideshow on a phone of you holding up signs/pictures, posters etc. I am sure you have some great ideas of how you could show your findings.

5) Send me your work on seesaw. (Photo or video)


Playing games

1) Ask your grown up to teach you a game they used to play when they were younger. You could also phone your favourite relative and ask them their favourite game from when they were younger.

2) Make up your own game using 5 stones or sticks. Reception can you make this harder? Count to 20, or count in 10s to 100.

3) Teach your game to someone

4) Record how to play your game and post it on seesaw.


Week 1 challenge

1. Find an old pair of wellies 

2. Fill them with soil

3. Plant a seed

4. Water the seed

5. Watch it grow

Can you create a diary to monitor how your plant grows? You can draw and write about the changes you see each week. When we return to school I would like you to bring them in so we can share them in our garden area.