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Minera Voluntary Aided Primary School

Our Summer Fair is on Friday 12th July starting at 2:30pm.

Healthy Eating


Minera School is part of the Healthy Schools scheme and we want to promote healthy eating to our children. We would be grateful if you could play your part at home to enable Minera School to do this by providing your child with a healthy snack everyday.


Healthy Snack Ideas

Useful Resources 


Healthy Lunch Boxes

Welsh Government have produced information for parents regarding healthy lunchboxes.


Change 4 Life

Has a wealth of information, activities, worksheets  recipies, food swaps, food facts, and more to help with all aspects of healthy eating ....


Great Grub Club

Healthy living for kids - If you want to learn more about keeping fit and eating well then you’ve come to the right place!

Follow a member of the Eat Move Learn team below and see what you can find out


Food- A Fact of Life

Free resources for teaching young people aged 3-16 years about where food comes from, cooking and healthy eating.

And finally.......


Wasabi, that spicy green paste that acts as the perfect accompaniment to your Tuna Sashimi is not, in fact, always what you think. More often than not, it's actually flavoured horse radish. You may be surprised to find out just how many edible fruits belong to the rose family, officially known as the Rosaceae group.Apples, pears, cherries, plums, apricots, raspberries, strawberries and peaches are all members of the flowering plant group. Chocolate was once used as currency.As early as 250 A.D., ancient civilizations of Mexico and South America, specifically The Mayans and the Aztecs, used the cocoa bean as a system of money. McDonald’s sells 75 hamburgers every second of every day. That's approximately 6.5 million a day and 2.5 billion a year. Quite a set of stats, huh? For more food facts click here