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The School Senedd have worked hard to organise a Readathon beginning Friday 17th February and ending on Friday 10th March.

On the Friday the 17th February to the 10th of March we will be doing a sponsored readathon for charity. It is for ‘Read for Good’ so they can give books to children in hospital.


We need you to sponsor us to read for a certain amount of time or number of pages and give money for the charity.


With the money we will buy books for the hospital and for authors to come in and see them and buy new books for us in school.


One pupil in each class will get a book as a prize.


2 pupils in the whole school will get a £5 book token.


Signed by: Razey, Freddie.

School Senedd                                      

Autumn Term 2022

Our School Senedd have worked hard this term to improve our school. Please open the jamboard to see their plans and open the webpage to see the results of their hard work.