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Minera Voluntary Aided Primary School

Chwarae Teg

Careers in Sport

Children have been learning about different career oppportunities in sport, and what it takes to have a career in different sports. They found, organised and summarised information before creating webpages explaining their findings. You can see these here.

Sport for All

Children have been learning about barriers to sport faced by some groups of people. They have used numeracy skills to calculate the number of active adults in Minera, Wrexham and Wales, and have created their own games designed to include people with physical disabilities in sport.


Rob Darlington from ActiveWrexham introduced the children to Goalball, a team sport designed for people with vision impairments. The children enjoyed playing the game and understood how barriers to sport can be overcome. You can see photos from the session here.

Inspiring Sports Art

Children have been studying the artwork of former Welsh football international Owan Fon Wiliams and imitating his style. They have worked hard with sketching and experimenting with different tones. Children then produced their own inspiratonal sports art, which you can see here.

Give it a go!

Children have worked hard trying to promote different sports and persuade younger children to get active. You can see some of their work here.

How can we make our school sportier?

Year 5/6 have been busy working to make our school sportier and carrying out their planned projects. On Monday 14th November, they delivered sports sessions for children in Year 3/4 (photos here). They had previously planned, tested and evaluated the sessions. They did a fantastic job and the younger children really enjoyed them. They have also looked at ways of inspiring younger children to take part in sports. You can see some of this work here.