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Minera Voluntary Aided Primary School

Critical Worker Provision

Dear Parent/Carers,


As a school we are more than happy to provide a Critical Worker Provision for those parents who are providing front line services in the fight against Covid-19.


It has been made clear from Welsh Government, Wrexham Council and school that this provision is to be used as last resort.


Clearly, there will be times when as key worker who works shifts that you will need sleep through the days, this is not a problem. We wouldn’t expect you to children at home under those circumstances, this is what the Critical Worker Provision is for!


However, there are times when both parents are at home and there is no need to send children to school. We need to keep numbers of children attending to a minimum to protect other pupils and staff.


As lockdown drags on and children and parents struggle with the prospect of home learning, parents working from home and the general restriction on our movement, more and more parents are attempting to send children to school. This is not the purpose of the Critical Worker Provision.


This is an unbelievably difficult period in time and home schooling is proving difficulty for many of you who have more than one child at home, we appreciate this, we really do!


However, please do not send your children to school if you have an alternative option. The best place to keep your child safe is at home, it is also the best place for children that genuinely need to be in school, so keeping the numbers low we are protecting everyone. Keep these pupils and staff safe by keeping your child at home if you have the option.


If you wish to book a place, you must have a Critical Care Employer Form completed by your line manager. Booking Forms and Critical Care Employer Form are available fromwww.mineraprimary.comor


Take care and stay safe,

Mr Williams