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Minera Voluntary Aided Primary School

Face Masks on School Site

Dear Parent/Guardian,
Annwyl Rhieni/Gwarchodwyr, 

I would like to thank everyone for your continued cooperation with regards to our strict COVID 19 procedures. Several children and parents have displayed some sort of symptom in the past week or so and thankfully no positive tests have been returned. 


We will continue to take this cautious approach and whilst this is very frustrating to parents, I am sure that you can all appreciate the reasons why. The negative impact of isolation and testing is far better than a positive test or outbreak of COVID 19 caused by a flippant and cavalier approach. 

We would also like to add in a further barrier to prevent the spread of viruses at our school and again, we need your help to achieve this. We would like all adults entering our school playground to wear a face mask. This will help us to add a further level of prevention and reassure perhaps, some of our more vulnerable parents and families. 


This request is of course voluntary. It is not part of any statutory guidance but we feel it may have a positive impact on the well-being of our more vulnerable parents and grandparents. 

We will not be policing the use of masks on site, nor will be enforcing the rule. Many people have good reasons why they cannot wear a mask and it is vital that people in this position are also respected. 


Thank you for your continued support,  

Mr Spencer Williams